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The Dream Machine: Chapter 4 release date set for early August, after 21 month wait

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An episodic release schedule overshooting its original target? Such a thing seems inconceivable in the always punctual world of gaming. But that's just what happened to The Dream Machine, the lovely looking claymation adventure from the less lovely sounding Cockroach Inc. They've just announced that Chapter 4 will resuscitate the series this August 1st, after a near-21 month gap from Chapter 3's release in November 2011. At least fans of this series got their Episode 3.

Cockroach founder Anders Gustafsson explained the delay to Joystiq , saying, "It ended up being far bigger than we originally anticipated, so large in fact that we had to split it up in two parts. So the game now effectively has 6 chapters instead of 5. Who doesn't like an extra chapter, huh?" That chapter will be included as a free addition to people who have bought the full game bundle.

The Dream Machine is currently available for 50% off in the Steam Summer Sale , giving you access to all six episodes for £6.49/$8.49. Although who knows when the final two will be released.

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