The Division's day-one DLC is now on sale

The Division

The Division kicked off late last night, and as you may have heard it was not an especially smooth start to the fun. I had the schadenfreude-drenched pleasure of watching a team of PC gaming's most elite operatives struggle for well over an hour to play it, before ultimately giving up and returning to the tender embrace of Stardew Valley. But launched is launched, as my dear old granddaddy used to say, and that means it's time to turn our eyes to the launch-day DLC.

A pair of day-one DLC packs are available, the Marine Forces Outfits pack, and the Military Specialists Outfits pack. Each has four unique uniforms, US Marine Corps variants in the former and Army Spec Ops, Pilot, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, and Sniper in the latter, that will make your in-game self look more overtly military. But neither, according to GamesRadar, has any actual impact on his or her performance of capabilities: Those solid-looking helmets are no more protective than a well-worn Red Sox cap.

The packs sell for $5 each which, Ubisoft's protestations notwithstanding, puts them awfully close to microtransactional territory in my book. It's a debatable point, depending on how you want to define the term; either way, the upside for PC gamers who want immediate access to this stuff is that it's available now, rather than at the end of a 30-day Xbox One exclusivity window for the full expansions that was announced yesterday.

The Division Marine Uniforms DLC

The Division Military Specialist Uniforms DLC

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