The Division DLC will launch on Xbox 30 days earlier than other platforms

The Division

Depending on where in the world you live, The Division is either arriving very soon or you're playing it already. That's exciting, especially since Ubisoft has promised to support the game throughout 2016. There is a slight catch though: the first two paid expansions will come to Xbox One a whole 30 days before the PC and PS4, a new post on the Ubisoft blog confirms.

That doesn't affect any of the free updates that will roll out during the year, and nor does it include the third and final paid expansion (there may be more expansions, but three have only been announced thus far). While it's a little bit annoying, this practice is par for the course for the Call of Duty series, with PC players usually left to wait as a result of some no doubt lucrative business deal.

"Underground and Survival – will have 30-day exclusivity on Xbox One, starting from the day of their respective launches," the post reads. "Underground, the first paid expansion, puts Agents in New York’s labyrinthine underworld of tunnels and subways to track down groups of dangerous enemies. Survival, the second paid expansion, tests players’ ability to survive and gather crucial supplies in an incredibly hostile environment."

Meanwhile, the free updates will kick off with Incursions, which introduces a new end-game activity and will feature lots of valuable loot. That will be followed by Conflict, which updates the game's Dark Zone. If you played the beta and wonder what changes have been made between then and launch, here are details on the day one patch.

Shaun Prescott

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