The Division 2 private beta will include one endgame mission

The private beta for The Division 2 will take place from February 7 through February 10 and will include two main missions, five side missions, one dark zone (there are three dark zones in the full release), plus open world play. Players will be able to advance to level seven during the beta, and explore the eastern section of Washington, D.C.. They will also get to try organized PvP in Skirmish mode.

In what feels like an unusual addition for a beta, Ubisoft has announced that players will also get a sample of The Division 2's endgame. Starting on February 8, a day after the beta begins, players will be able to try out level 30 characters, plus their three specializations, and experience one endgame 'Invaded' mission. The Division 2's signature weapons—crossbow, grenade launcher, and sniper rifle—which aren't unlocked in the full game until after completing the campaign, will also be yours to play with until the end of the beta on February 10.

There are two ways to take part in this beta. Preordering the game (and remember, it's not on Steam this time) will secure you a spot. You can also register at the official site for a chance to make it into the beta "as space allows." Not a guarantee, in other words.

Preloading for The Division 2 beta begins Feb 6 at 1 am PST/10 am CET

The Division 2 beta begins Feb 7 at 1 am PST/10 am CET.

The endgame mission becomes available on Feb 8, at 8 am PST/4 pm CET.

Wondering if your PC is up to the challenge? The system requirements for The Division 2 are here.

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