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The Corsair CS750M power supply is down to $60

When you're picking a new power supply, it's not just about the raw power numbers. A big factor is the efficiency rating, and a good standard to go for is 80 Plus Gold. Today on Newegg you can get a Corsair CS750M power supply, and it's down to $60 after rebate

It's semi modular, so you can remove most of the unwanted cables which can clog up in the inside of your PC. It has that all important 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, and 750W is plenty for most people these days. Plus, you get a nice three year warranty and lifetime access to Corsair's tech support and customer service.

The sale price is $80, but you can knock another $20 off with a rebate card. The low price of $60 is the cheapest this power supply has ever been, so it's a good time to grab one before the sale ends on Monday.

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