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The Cave release date and price announced, will support Mac and Linux

Sega have announced that the Double Fine developed, Ron Gilbert headed 2D adventure platformer The Cave will be arriving on PC on January 23rd. The price has been confirmed as £9.99/$14.99/€12.99 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

In The Cave, you select three characters (from a total of seven) to take through a sentient, talking cave. In other genres that would be the sort of sentence that would illicit no small amount of surprise. As an adventure game, it barely warrants the slightest eyebrow raise. While the puzzles promise to be classic adventure gaming in their weird and outlandish solutions, The Cave aims to reduce frustration through the constant movement and activity required from the platforming.

You can read our rather positive hands-on impressions here , and below are the two released character trailers that hint at what to expect.

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