The Cave is Ron Gilbert's new game, it has ice toads, a theme park and at least one dragon

The Cave trailer thumb

Double Fine have released the first details, screenshots and trailer of Ron Gilbert's new adventure, The Cave. A bundle of jagged jigsaw images have been teasing the title for a short while now. It turns out the seven characters shown in those mugshots can be recruited into a band of three adventurers who must investigate a talking cave. But this is NO ORDINARY TALKING CAVE, there's an underground theme park, a castle and a fully armed "nuclear tipped ICBM" hidden within its dripping subterranean bowels.

"If you enjoy rappelling, spelunking and dark rocky caverns then be prepared to be disappointed! And then intrigued. And then AMAZED," says the cheerful press release. The seven adventurers, including The Scientist, The Adventurer, The Time Traveler, The Hillbilly, The Monk and a pair of tiny twins, must combine their unusual talents to overcome the cave's traps. It's due out "early 2013."

It's worth mentioning that The Cave is NOT the Kickstarter project that Double Fine successfully secured funding for recently. That will be a different project entirely. This is one that Gilbert has been working on for a while. "The concept of The Cave has been bouncing around in my head for many, many years," he says, "and then the little voices that tell me to do things said it was time to make the game."

And he did, and it looks like this:

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