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The Black Glove fails to reach Kickstarter goal

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The Black Glove

The Black Glove (opens in new tab), a surrealist, first-person, er, time-'em-up, has failed to reach its Kickstarter target. The game, made by former Irrational devs, needed $550,000 to secure its existence. Despite its unique premise, stylistic setting and Ken Levine seal-of-approval (opens in new tab), it failed to raise even half of that total.

The developers, however, remain undeterred. "The short answer is that we mean to fight like hell to keep it from being cancelled, writes creative director Joe Fielder (opens in new tab). "We believe in the game and you all have shown you do, too."

What the studio won't attempt is to crowdfund at a lower amount—saying they need to secure the original amount to ensure the game's successful completion.

"It may be weeks or months before we have news to report," Fielder writes, "but we intend to be back with more as soon as possible."

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