The best deals in Fanatical's Scream Sale

Halloween is just around the corner, and Fanatical is celebrating with its horror-filled Scream Sale. Better still, adding coupon code SCREAM666 gets an extra 6.66 percent off each sale price. Even better still, adding our own SCREAMPCGAMER code gets you a further ten percent off again. 

As I am wont to do, I've included my sale picks up there in the header so let's explore those first. In order, Alien: Isolation—the game Andy quite enjoys taking photos of—is going for £8.04/$12.49, before adding our own discount code. 

Likewise, Techland's zombie shooter-meets-parkour 'em up Dying Light is on sale for £13.19/$19.79. And the harrowing story-generator Frostpunk costs £18.24/$21.89.

Away from horror, Fanatical's Daily Star Deal is Strange Brigade which, with 40 percent off, costs £23.99/$29.99 for as long as stocks last. 

I'm forever plugging SUPERHOT whenever it's on sale, which is exactly what I'll do here. It's going for £8.99/$12.49 and is absolutely worth your time. 

Live now through November 4, 2018, Fanatical's Scream Sale can be browsed in full here

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