2D Minecraft-alike Terraria is out today

Terraria's destructible, two-dimensional worlds may remind you a little of Minecraft. In fact, anyone following Minecraft creator Notch on Twitter will be familiar with the trailer above, which shows the game's frenetic multiplayer mode in action.

Terraria challenges you to survive in a randomly generated, destructible world full of monsters and treasure. Like Minecraft, players craft new items and build structures to help them survive, and the best materials for tools can be found deep in the mines beneath the surface. Each randomly generated world can be explored with as many friends as the server you're on can handle. Where it differs from Minecraft is in the depth of items and monsters, from ravenous eyes of Cthulhu to jetpacks and laser rifles.

The developers have plenty of post-release support planned for the game, with extra player vs. player modes and pets currently in the works. Terraria is coming out on Steam later today for $9.99. For more on the game, check out the Terraria site .

Tom Senior

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