How to unlock unique character customizations in Tekken 8

Claudio Serafino in a custom costume with an eyepatch, black hair and snakeskin jacket.
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One of the things I enjoy most about Tekken is the ability to freely dress up my fighters in all sorts of ridiculous clothing, and Tekken 8 is no different. Bandai Namco's latest fighting game has a wealth of customization options across its 32 characters. 

While most of them are already unlocked or require a little bit of Fight Money to obtain, each fighter has a handful of unique customization options that can only be unlocked by defeating certain opponents. This includes all the shirtless options for the male fighters, some outfit swaps between characters (such as Asuka wearing Lili's dress) or alternate versions of their Tekken 8 fits.

How to unlock Tekken 8 character customizations 

Thankfully, unlocking these customization options doesn't require jumping through a ton of hoops. You just need to unlock Super Ghost Battle, which you can first access after completing Chapter 1 of Arcade Quest and then heading to Final Round on the map. 

When you first enter Final Round you might notice a few folk have a treasure box icon next to their name. Defeating these players in battle will net you whatever their chosen character is wearing during that fight. Unfortunately, if you're talking to these NPC avatars directly you're unable to see what fighter they play until you're already in battle. 

Final Round in Arcade Quest with the Super Ghost Battle cabinet in the middle.

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

An alternative is to approach the arcade cabinet in the middle of the room and scroll down to CPU Ghost. From here, you'll be given a list of every NPC fighter. The ones who offer rewards will still have that treasure box next to their name, but now you'll also be able to see which character they play so you can gun straight for your main's outfits more easily.

Once you defeat an opponent in Super Ghost Battle, you can quickly hop into another battle by selecting one of three random opponents. The only problem here is that, uh, this list doesn't actually tell you who does and doesn't have a treasure box. While you can keep dipping in and out of the menu to find characters that have treasure boxes, it can be quite a lengthy process. You have to pick your character and a stage each time, and that time can add up fast.

A tip to quickly find treasure boxes 

What I did was keep an eye out for CPU ghosts who have a blue rank. Those are the ranks Raijin, Kishin and Bushin, just in case you aren't too sure. Every single CPU ghost in Super Ghost Battle with these ranks has a treasure box, meaning you're guaranteed to at least nab something if you haven't fought them before. A handful of fighters with the Battle Ruler rank also have treasure boxes—which tend to be the character outfit swaps—along with one in the Warrior rank.

Here are some examples of NPCs that reward customizations and what they are:

  • Komi_Z (Bushin) – TK8 Style (Alternate B) for Claudio
  • hida (Raijin) – TK8 Style (Alternate A) for Jin
  • BigOwl (Battle Ruler) – Yuzen-Dye Karate Top (Asuka) for Jun
  • Gazekizi (Battle Ruler) – TK8 Style (Jin P1) for Hwoarang
  • Xx-yamagishi-xX (Battle Ruler) – TK8 Style (Law P1) for Paul
  • Naniwa.Hero (Warrior) – TK8 Style (Lili P1) for Asuka
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