Team Fortress 2 Meet the Medic video teased by dove invasion

TF2 medic

Anyone visiting the Team Fortress 2 site recently will have noticed that a flock of birds have taken roost and started redecorating the place. Clicking on these birds takes you through to a series of images showing a hospital, a waiting room and a doctor's surgery, all of which suggests the Meet the Medic video may finally be ready for release. Doves have started appearing in Team Fortress 2 maps as well.

According to the TF2 wiki , the intrepid birds have been spotted perched in random locations around a number of different maps. When hit, perched birds explode for comedy effect. Doves have also been spotted flying out of the gibs of exploded Medics and Scouts.

Flying doves are a staple of John Woo action films, in which they often fly dramatically around the characters before an enormous gunfight breaks out, mostly in slow motion. We'll have to wait and see exactly how doves are involved, but it's likely the video will be set in the hospital locales shown below. That war-torn hospital facility looks like a great setting for Team Fortress 2 map.

It's been two years since the last Team Fortress 2 video, in which we finally got to meet The Spy . There's only two TF2 classes that haven't had the short film treatment, the Medic and the Pyro. You can see all of the Team Fortress 2 Meet The... videos on the Valve Youtube channel .

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