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Team Fortress 2 item set aims to raise money for SpecialEffect

Special Effect is a charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities enjoy games. As part of this year's fundraising drive, they've collaborated with a group of Team Fortress 2 item makers to create The SpecialEffect Charity Set 2013 - a three item collection of TF2 hats and miscellaneous items. The charity is now looking to the community for help getting the items approved and onto the MannCo store.

The arcade-themed item pack includes joystick belt accessory The Belly Buttons , decal supporting The Quarter Cabinet , and The Virtual Viewfinder headset. If approved, 99% of the profits will go directly to SpecialEffect.

"It's a fantastic gesture," says the charity's CEO, Mick Donegan. "Gamers get what we're trying to do, and to get that support from artists within the community is a real endorsement of our work."

To help SpecialEffect raise the £750,000 they need this year to bring specialised control equipment into the homes and hospitals of players with disabilities, all you need to do is head over to the item set page and rate the pack up.

For more on SpecialEffect, check out our recent feature on the charity , and to learn why Steam's Workshop is such a clever idea for a fundraiser, see our profile on its item makers .

Phil Savage
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