Take it from someone who's been roleplaying for 20 years: these are the best discounts on D&D and other tabletop RPGs this Cyber Monday

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Hello, it's me, the guy who's constantly banging on about tabletop roleplaying games on a website that's supposed to be about PCs. If you thought Black Friday and Cyber Monday were going to stop me, you were sorely mistaken: I've been digging up D&D and other TTRPG deals like some sort of polyhedral dice-obsessed badger, and I've got the very best ready for your waiting eyes. 

With the big "OneD&D" rules update on the horizon sometime next year, it's a weird moment for D&D 5e deals. On the one hand, a lot of books are selling at really significant discounts; on the other, it's because they're probably going to be made obsolete in the next 12 months. My recommendation? Use the opportunity to pick up some good adventures, which should remain compatible with the new rules, but avoid corebooks and supplements unless you're at peace with having some outdated material in your library. 

Or, ignore D&D completely, and use this as an opportunity to check out one of the many other fantastic TTRPGs going super cheap this year. 

Getting started with D&D

If you're totally new to D&D and not sure where to start, the Essentials Kit is the best buy right now by my reckoning. It's only slightly more expensive than the Starter Set, but contains more stuff that should keep you going for longer. Don't pick up the core books unless you really want them, as they'll be going out of date next year—the Starter Set and Essentials Kit both contain everything you need to play, and you can reference most of the core rules for free on D&D Beyond anyway

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
$19.99 $13.33 at Amazon (save $6)

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
$19.99 $13.33 at Amazon (save $6)
With ready-made characters, a 48 page adventure, rules for levels 1-3, and a set of dice, this new starter set will get you right into Dungeons & Dragons with a minimum of prep work and no previous experience necessary. A great, cheap, and easy way to try the game out.

Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit$24.99$15.99 price at Amazon (save $9)

Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit
$24.99 $15.99 price at Amazon (save $9)
A slightly more advanced option for getting started with D&D, perfect for those who want more customisation and freedom in exchange for a bit more prep work and learning. At this price, it's more bang for your buck than the Starter Set, including all the same basics you need but with a chunkier rulebook, a bigger, less linear adventure, a DM screen, and more. 

Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook$49.95$26.10 at Target (save $23.85)

Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook
$49.95 $26.10 at Target (save $23.85)
A fantastic price for the game's core book, but there is a reason for that: you can expect this to become pretty much obsolete at some point in 2024 when the big "OneD&D" rules update hits. Still, you could potentially run a lot of D&D between now and then, and there's no rule that says you always have to be playing the most recent version of the game. 

D&D adventures

Almost all the big D&D 5e adventures are getting fantastic discounts on Amazon this year, making it a great time to pick one up. These shouldn't be affected by the big OneD&D rules update: the new rules have been confirmed to be backwards compatible with content like this, and at worst you'd only need to tweak some stats anyway. 

Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage$49.95$29.49 price at Amazon (save $20.46)

Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
$49.95 $29.49 price at Amazon (save $20.46)
This campaign's pretty light on plot, but if you come to the game for dungeons, you will not be disappointed—it's absolutely brimming with horrible dark rooms to send your players into. The Underdark setting is a treat if you're still high on Baldur's Gate 3, too; expect mind flayers, githyanki, and other favourites aplenty. 

Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation$49.95$23.99 price at Amazon (save $25.96)

Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation
$49.95 $23.99 price at Amazon (save $25.96)
Inspired by the infamous Tomb of Horrors (a '70s module mainly designed to kill player characters as quickly as possible), Tomb of Annihilation is a less deadly but still challenging trek through strange lands with plenty of surprises for your players. You'll often find this one near the top of 'best 5e adventures' lists.  

Dungeons & Dragons: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight$49.95$19.99 price at Amazon (save $29.96)

Dungeons & Dragons: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight
$49.95 $19.99 price at Amazon (save $29.96)
Perfect if you fancy a different tone for your next campaign, this adventure across the Plane of Faerie is full of whimsy and weirdness. It's a refreshing change of pace from the usual high fantasy or horror of most 5e campaigns, and a focus on social encounters over combat will let your players stretch their talking muscles. 

Other tabletop RPG deals

I'm a huge advocate for playing TTRPGs outside of Dungeons & Dragons—I even made a whole list of recommended D&D alternatives. A ton of my favourites are on deep discount this year, a lot of them offering a more complete experience for cheaper than the D&D products, without the impending doom of a new sort-of edition looming. Here's my pick of the best of the bunch, but there's too much good stuff to include it all—if you're interested in widening your RPG horizons this year, I recommend looking in places like DriveThruRPG's hub and seeing what jumps out at you. 

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (PDF)$9.99$5.99 price at DriveThruRPG (save $4)

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (PDF)
$9.99 $5.99 price at DriveThruRPG (save $4)
Savage Worlds is already one of the best value buys in tabletop roleplaying; at this discount it's even easier to recommend. Easy to prep and fast to run, it's a brilliant system for running pulpy, high-action games in almost any setting, and a great choice for a D&D group looking to try something new or for anyone looking to dip into TTRPGs for the first time. 

Monster of the Week (PDF)$20$12 price at DriveThruRPG (save $8)

Monster of the Week (PDF)
$20 $12 price at DriveThruRPG (save $8)
If you love Buffy and Supernatural, this game of monster hunters tracking down and defeating supernatural menaces is the RPG for you. Perfect for GMs who like to prep light and improv during sessions, it's also an accessible introduction to the popular Powered by the Apocalypse family of RPGs. 

Dungeon Crawl Classics$32.69$19.61 price at Goodman Games (save $13.08)

Dungeon Crawl Classics
$32.69 $19.61 price at Goodman Games (save $13.08)
Use the offer code GOODHAUL2023 to get this great price on this old school take on D&D dungeon-crawling, supported by a fantastic range of weird, scary, and inventive adventures. If you're looking for a few to chuck in with your order (the coupon will apply to everything!), I recommend The Croaking Fane, Dread on Demon Crown Hill, and Sailors on the Starless Sea. If you're happy to have the game just in PDF, you can get it even cheaper—it's currently $14.99 on DriveThruRPG.

Night's Black Agents (PDF)$24.95$14.97 price at DriveThruRPG (save $9.98)

Night's Black Agents (PDF)
$24.95 $14.97 price at DriveThruRPG (save $9.98)
One of the best tabletop RPG books ever written, at an incredibly cheap price. As a group of secret agents, players work to expose and destroy a far-reaching vampire conspiracy—basically, imagine Jason Bourne taking on Dracula, with one of the cleverest rules systems around for running complex mysteries and brutal action. A must-have for any RPG fan's collection, even if all you do is read it and soak up all its delicious atmosphere. 

Dishonored: The Roleplaying Game$44.86$13.53 price at Modiphius (save $31.57)

Dishonored: The Roleplaying Game
$44.86 $13.53 price at Modiphius (save $31.57)
What a treat for one of gaming's richest, most interesting settings to have its own roleplaying game dedicated to it—and even more agreeable when it's this cheap. Modiphius also has big savings on the Fallout RPG, the Dune RPG, and loads more great stuff at its Holiday Sale hub

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