Take an early look at the PC Gamer Weekender show floor

As you might, just might, have spotted on the pages of PC Gamer.com of late, we're hosting the the UK's only event dedicated PC gaming this weekend, the PC Gamer Weekender, February 18-19. 

On the off-chance you've missed us talking up all the wonderful stuff that's happening there already, know that the SEGA Zone returns to the show in 2017, bringing the long anticipated Dawn of War III to your fingertips for the first time, as well as Endless Legend, Endless Space 2, Motorsport Manager, Sonic Mania, Company of Heroes 2, Dawn of War II and Total War: Warhammer. 

Microsoft are giving you a chance to get your hands on the new Halo Wars 2 Blitz Firefight mode, and Blizzard will bring the iconic Overwatch. If that's not enough, Bandai Namco is returning to London with its Entertainment Zone, where you'll get to play Tekken 7 and Little Nightmares.

There's load more—all of which can be found here—and so as not to get too lost wandering around it all, here's where everything is as indicated in the event's handy colour-coded map: 

For details on all of that and more see the website, and follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news. Tickets are available now from £12.99—and we're running a special prize draw today filled with PCGW-related goodies. 

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