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Supernatural stealth game Aragami out today

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Aragami, previously known as Twin Souls: Path of the Shadows, is a third-person, supernatural stealth-'em-up starring an undead assassin who's quite fond of the colour red. I've been loosely following its development for a while now, and I've just learned today that it's You might say that it snuck up on me, but of course I would never say such a cliched thing about a stealth-focused game. Let's just say instead that the game has crawled out of the shadows and ow-ow, alright, I won't say that either.

Aragami is a video game that released on Steam, on GOG (opens in new tab), and on the Humble Store (opens in new tab) today. Here's the 'release date' trailer:

You can find the system requirements and more on the various store pages, along with this handy summary of the story.

"You are Aragami, a vengeful spirit with the power to control the shadows. You’ve been summoned by Yamiko, a girl imprisoned in the city fortress of Kyuryu."

Those shadow powers include teleportation, invisibility, and the power to summon a shadow dragon (along with the ability to wear bright red and not be spotted instantly by the city's guards).

Aragami will set you back £15, normally, but there's a 10% launch discount for the next seven days.

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