Superb stealth game Mark of the Ninja is getting remastered

Mark of the Ninja: Remastered will freshen up one of our all-time favorite stealth games later this year, developer Klei Entertainment announced. 

A standout even among Klei Entertainment's sterling repertoire, Mark of the Ninja originally released in 2012, and while its cartoony art has aged well, Klei reckons it could do with a tune-up. So for the remaster, they're targeting "fully redone 4K visuals for both gameplay and cutscenes along with enhanced audio and new particle effects."

The remaster will also come with the content from Mark of the Ninja's Special Edition DLC. That includes a new level, two new items, a suite of non-lethal takedowns, and a heaping helping of developer commentary. 

Klei hasn't shared much else on the remaster, but in a follow-up tweet, the studio did note they're "working out reward paths for existing players depending on if they own the regular games vs also owning the special edition." So it's possible existing Mark of the Ninja owners will receive some sort of discount or in-game compensation. 

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Austin Wood
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