Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition coming to PC

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Thumbnail

PC wins: Perfect. As reported by CVG , Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is coming to PC. This is ultra good news. Street Fighter IV is on Steam, but we never got to play Super Street Fighter IV (which featured extra characters and moves) even though it hit consoles last year.

Not to worry though - the Arcade Edition contains all the content PC gamers have missed out on, and will be the most focussed Street Fighter IV yet thanks to balance tweaks, new characters, and improved community features. It's going to be super, hyper, mega-good basically. Mad Catz 360 arcade sticks will also work fine on PC, so you have no excuse to mash your keyboard like large-hoofed cow.

Click more for a trailer and the details.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will feature four new fighters: twin brothers Yun and Yang (lol) who first appeared in Street Fighter 3, Evil Ryu, Oni, and an extra nasty version of Akuma. We'll also get all the characters we missed out on from Super Street Fighter IV, bringing the count up to 39. That's a silly figure, frankly. Updated replay functionality and improved balance will satisfy PC fighters with a competitive edge.

Arcade Edition is due to be released June 24. Do you Street Fight? If so, as which character? I'm a Fei Long/Guy kinda man. Rich uses Crimson Viper, but he actually plays like the cow I mentioned earlier.