Super Mega Baseball 3 launches with a free demo

(Image credit: Metalhead Software)

While its original release window slipped a few weeks from April to May, it was absolutely worth the extra wait: Super Mega Baseball 3 is great. And now it's here! Super Mega Baseball 3 launched today on Steam, bringing a fantastic new franchise mode and other new features to the lively and cartoony—yet surprisingly deep—baseball series from Canadian developer Metalhead Software.

Down below you can watch the launch trailer, and if you like what you see there's an easy way to give it a try. Super Mega Baseball 3 launched with a free demo on Steam that lets you play unlimited games in online Pennant Race mode. It'll also give you a taste of exhibition games and SMB3's broad customization options, which let you design your team's logo, customize your players' looks, pick their jerseys and gear, tweak their stats, and more.

With real Major League Baseball shut down for potentially the entire year, and not much else to pick from when it comes to on-field baseball games on PC, this is a great way to swing for the fences.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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