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Super Meat Boy PC achievements too hard for Xbox Live

super meatboy achievements

Super Meat Boy is out soon on PC, and Team Meat have been teasing some of the Steam achievements and special characters that will come with the game. Eight images have been revealed of the new achievements, which Team Meat say were "rejected by MS for their difficulty". Gulp. There will also be plenty of special guests to unlock in the game, consisting of a variety of new indie game heroes, two of which have already been announced, and are revealed below.

These are the eight achievement images Team Meat have released. They're asking fans to guess what they could be based on the thumbnails. The bottom left one could be something about cooking Meat Boy, which sounds like a steak-tastic idea. The one next looks like it's something to do with ... being covered in seals? What do you think?

The first PC exclusive character came about after a bit of a chat on Twitter between Team Meat and Minecraft creator, Notch. "Team Meat said "hey notch.. hows about you let us use mr. mincraft as a playable character in the pc version", Notch said "permission hereby granted!", adding that he needed to add meat blocks to Minecraft. And so it came to pass that Mr. Minecraft will be one of the exclusive PC unlockables when the game is released. There's no news yet on what Mr. Minecraft's power will be. Perhaps he'll be able to mine, or build computer chips out of the scenery.

VVVVVV's Captain Viridian also has been confirmed as a playable character. As in VVVVVV, Viridian will be able to 'flip' at any time, sending him flying from floor to ceiling. Team Meat describe the ability as "one of the most game breaking yet", which means he'll be pretty hard to unlock. There are still five more characters yet to be revealed. Who could they be?

Team Meat are hoping to release the game on Steam in the last week of this month.

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