Sundered teases its stylish Metroidvania world ahead of today's closed beta

Billed as a Lovecraft-inspired "replayable Metroidvania", Sundered is the gorgeous sidescrolling fighter-platformer from Jotun developer Thunder Lotus that blew away its Kickstarter goal earlier this year. As it jumps, dives and slashes its way towards its July release, it's now launched a new trailer as it enters its closed beta phase today. 

Named Resist, the following short offers a glimpse at some of the game's world, a pretty epic-looking boss fight and even hints at its story via narration from General Waters, a fallen military leader from the Sundered’s Valkyrie faction.

As protagonist Eshe, the area depicted above is one of the game's earliest and the towering mask-donning boss is Xea'sh'kaebt—a corrupted priest from the game’s rival faction, the Eschatons.

"The Resist Trailer puts Sundered’s best foot forward," says Will Dubé, the creative director and president of Thunder Lotus Games in a statement. "The new region we’re revealing features some of the best work our team has ever produced, and I’m excited that so many of our fans will get to experience it in the Beta."

Sundered is due to land at some point in July, 2017, and its closed beta is available today to those who backed the Kickstarter earlier this year.

Yesterday, YouTube person Jesse Cox posted an extended playthrough of Sundered's beta which can be viewed below. Spoilers afoot, obviously: