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Summer Games Done Quick starts today: a week of charity speedruns


It's a good month for watching people be good at games over the internet. Fighting game tournament Evo was last weekend, while this weekend sees the start of Summer Games Done Quick, a charity speedrunning event that takes place over seven straight days. It kicks off with Yoshi's Island in just a few hours, but there are plenty of PC games listed in the schedule too, including some Resident Evils, Lovely Planet, Ori and the Blind Forest, Bastion and more.

Once again, the speedrunners are raising money for Doctors without Borders, and there'll be details of how to donate during the stream, which kicks off later today (6pm in UK time). If you've not watched a Games Done Quick event before, it's a series of speedruns conducted by some of the world's best runners, who'll exploit, break, and power through dozens of games before our eyes. The schedule's here, and I'm very grateful that the times are automatically adjusted to your local time.

You can watch Summer Games Done Quick at Twitch here.