Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy will dance on your grave

After revealing two very furry new legendary skins for the upcoming Overwatch Winter Wonderland event—Zarya the Bear and Lucio the Fox—Blizzard is taking things in a little bit of a different direction with skin reveal number three. It's Mercy, and she's the Sugar Plum Fairy. 

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Across-the-board furries would make for a fun series of skins, but the Sugar Plum Fairy is a good fit for Mercy. Not only do the fairy wings fit will with her "real" outfit, but it also gives Blizzard the opportunity to make a genuinely awful pun about her home country about her home country of "Sweetzerland." (Mercy is Swiss, you see. I told you it was awful.)

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event kicks off on December 11.    

Andy Chalk

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