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The first new Overwatch Winter Wonderland skin turns Zarya into a real Russian bear

Blizzard announced yesterday that the Winter Wonderland will return to Overwatch on December 11, a snowy special event that we predicted would be preceded by the usual array of new Legendary skin reveals. Sure enough, we were right (shocking, I know): First on the runway is Snowboarder Zarya, whose cute furry look makes for a very different sort of "Russian Bear."

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The hat is the hook, but for my money it's the poofy little tail that really brings this outfit home. It looks more like it came off of a rabbit, at least as they're depicted in Peter Cottontail stories, but it's legit and here's the proof. The little polar bear plushie hanging off the back of her pack is a nice touch, too.

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event begins on December 11. I imagine we'll see a few more skins turn up on Twitter between now and then, and we'll let you know when it happens. 

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