Capcom to "tighten up" Street Fighter X Mega Man with new version

Street Fighter X Mega Man

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Capcom's freely available (opens in new tab) Street Fighter X Mega Man platformer is both an 8-bit-style celebration of the franchises' enduring legacies and a combination of two genres I'm absolutely terrible at. Speaking to The Mega Man Network (opens in new tab) (via CVG (opens in new tab) ), Capcom Senior Community Manager Brett Elston revealed a second version of Street Fighter X Mega Man is in the works to patch up lingering issues and bugs.

"Given the tight dev window, we know there are a few rough edges left, even with a dozen people looking at this," Elston said. "To that end, we can say we're working on a second version that will release soon and hopefully address some of those known issues. It's not adding content, but we've been reading responses and can tighten up a few things before the end of the year."

Once a fan project with Capcom's oversight and financial backing, Street Fighter X Mega Man pits the blue bot against Street Fighter icons such as Chun Li and Ryu. Mega Man's reasons for training his arm-cannon onto a gang of melee brawlers aren't very clear, but the free nostalgia and chiptune soundtrack are all we need.

Grab Street Fighter X Mega Man for free from Capcom's website (opens in new tab) .

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