Street Fighter x Mega Man released

Some things are better when combined. A cup of tea is infinitely improved by the addition of a rich tea biscuit, leftover Chinese takeaway boxes are immensely enhanced when introduced to a bin... I should probably stop just listing things around my desk. Still, it follows that when you mash-up Mega Man and Street Fighter - both games that I'm rubbish at - the resulting fusion will be so hard, I'll not get past the first screen. For fans of either series, though, this Capcom-blessed fan project celebrating their 25th anniversaries is now released and kicking players' asses.

As in other Mega Man games, you can pick the order you in which you face each boss. This time, however, it's not robots you're fighting, but instead the roster of the Street Fighter games, complete with their own themed stages leading up to each encounter.

It's expectedly tricky and clearly lovingly made, deftly blending both games and backed by an original, but era appropriate soundtrack. You can download Street Fighter x Mega Man for free at Capcom's website .

Thanks, RPS .

Phil Savage

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