Street Fighter 6 shows off new fighter Kimberley and the return of Juri

As another riveting Evo comes to a close, the fighting game community has been treated to a bunch of neat teasers and announcements. Among them were two character announcements for Street Fighter 6: new fighter Kimberley and the return of fan favourite Juri.

Kimberley is described as a "spunky new ninja," with an infatuation for all things the '80s, sporting spray cans and a goddamn Walkman with super colourful, bombastic moves. In a PlayStation Blog post, game director Takayuki Nakayama says she's "an expert at running and airborne attacks," with fast movement and a nice mixture of hard hitters and sneaky ninjutsu pounces. She looks super fun and a character that I'll definitely want to try out.

There's also the return of Juri, a character who's remained a firm favourite since her debut in Super Street Fighter 4. She looks brilliant and as bloodthirsty as ever with her moves full of personality. A lot of her past moves are back with a few tweaks here and there along with her Shiku-sen from Super Street Fighter 4. It seems to be another toe-heavy character reveal as she's seen lifting newbie Jamie up with her foot before decking him.

I'll admit, I really wasn't sold on Street Fighter 6 after its official announcement. Even after Wes wrote about how much fun it was, I was still put off by the initial trailer. After seeing Juri and Kimberley though, I am all in. The art direction is fantastic and movesets are looking crisp as all hell. While I tend to gravitate towards 3D fighters, Street Fighter 6 increasingly feels like one I shouldn't be missing. 

Street Fighter 6 is set to release sometime in 2023.

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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