Each fighter's favourite gift in Street Fighter 6

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Everybody loves a good gift, and the esteemed warriors of Street Fighter 6 are no different. World Tour lets you build your bond with the likes of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and beyond. The way to do that? Ply them with presents, of course. Increasing their friendship meter unlocks rewards like new avatar emotes, lore, artwork, and even an alternative costume in battle. Every Street Fighter 6 character has a favourite gift, which you'll want to figure out ASAP for the quickest route to maxing out their bond and getting that sweet secondary outfit.

Most gifts give one or two points depending on the character, but everyone has that one special present that they really appreciate. These gifts will trigger a unique dialogue and level up the friendship meter by five points, so it's essential for your wallet and your time that you focus on giving each character their preferred item. The bond meter maxes out at 100 points, which you can easily reach with a mixture of their favourite gifts, sparring with them, and occasionally talking to them.

How to get gifts

Every location in World Tour has a merchant that will sell gift items, but some fightable citizens in Metro City and beyond will have gift items that drop as rewards for fulfilling certain conditions. You can check if someone drops a gift by approaching them and hitting the Details key. If a merchant doesn't have the gift you're looking for, you might need to play through more of the story to expand their stock. 

How to give gifts in Street Fighter 6

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Handing over presents to Street Fighter 6's cast is a relatively simple affair. You'll need to enrol under their fighting style first, which largely happens upon your first interaction with each character. From there, approach the character and hit either X, square or R to bring up the gift menu. You can scroll through the selection of gifts you have in your inventory and then hand them over. 

Each character's favourite gift

As I said before, each character has a special gift they'll uniquely react to, giving a whopping five-point boost to your friendship meter. Every character's favourite gift is unique and can be purchased from specific merchants dotted around Street Fighter 6's world. Here's every character, their favourite gift and where you can buy it from: 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Street Fighter 6 gift giving guide
BlankaKnock-off Blanka-chan DollBathers Beach
CammyJellied EelBathers Beach
Chun-LiCanned HerringOld Nayshall, Shopkeeper Dora
Dee JayLukewarm BeerRanger's Hut
DhalsimInstant Curry (Ultra Mild)Old Nayshall, Shopkeeper Tsanpa
E. HondaRubber DuckiesColosseo
GuileNattoGenbu Temple
JamieBao Bao Bro StickerBathers Beach
KenCookbookThunderfoot Settlement
KimberltThe Answer Lies in the Heart of LoveBathers Beach
LilyCelerey ChipsBathers Beach
LukeRed Elevator 8Bathers Beach
ManonBeaujolaisBathers Beach
MarisaCold Tomato SoupFete Foraine
RyuInstant SobaMetro City, Shopkeeper Udon, Urban Park
ZangiefWooden BearBarmaley Steelworks
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