Hooray, a Street Fighter 6 demo just dropped! Oh wait, PC gamers can't play it until next week

Capcom just hosted its final Street Fighter 6 showcase before its June 2 release. We were treated to some extra deets on the story-focused World Tour mode, Fighting Grounds mode, some bits of training, and ways the game is being super newbie friendly. Oh, and Lil Wayne was there too. The end of the presentation dropped the (slightly spoiled) surprise that a demo was dropping right after this livestream. 

Unfortunately, those of us on PC and Xbox are going to have to wait to join in on the fun. The demo's only available for people on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for the first week. Everyone else will have access from April 26 and presumably up until launch. 

When the demo does arrive on PC, it'll offer a "tiny peek" of the full release. There's a segment of the tutorial included, along with being able to practice Luke and Ryu in the newly announced character guide. We'll also be able to try out a small portion of World Tour's opening moments, which means the chance to play around with the custom character creator. You can create some absolute goblins in that thing and I can't wait to see everyone's horrendous concoctions. Even better, created characters can be carried over to the full release. A blessing considering how in-depth and lengthy its customisation options are.

No online this time sadly, so those who missed out on last year's closed betas will have to wait until the full release to peep the Battle Hub and play with friends. It makes sense that the demo is more focused around singleplayer, but it's a shame I can't run around the lobby with my little gremlin creation and terrorise my pals.

What's included in the Street Fighter 6 demo:

  • Learn basic battle mechanics from the tutorial
  • Practice Luke and Ryu's fighting style in the character guide
  • Try out the first moments of the World Tour
  • Play around with the avatar creation feature
Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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