Street Fighter 6 has a character creator, and of course it has muscle sliders

A custom character in Street Fighter 6 with short, brown curly hair and a blue sports jacket with white stripes up the arm.
(Image credit: Capcom)

The Capcom showcase at Tokyo Games Show was full of surprises, the biggest of which is that Street Fighter 6 is getting a whole-ass character creator for story mode and to use in social hubs.

It looks pretty damn robust, too: It looks like you can tweak just about anything, from the protrusion of your forehead to how much your cheeks or jaw bulge. There are over 100 skin tones with a mixture of natural and colourful options, so you can go for something closer to your own look or run wild with a hot pink, super hairy buff dude. It also looks like there's a really nice variety of hairstyles and textures, with sliders to change the length and even multiple hair colour options that you can blend and move around. 

The muscle sliders are, unsurprisingly, wild. As well as a general body composition slider for both upper and lower body, there are individual options for the various muscle groups. Want narrow shoulders with cracked-out lats? Street Fighter 6 has got you. I'm actually shocked by just how in-depth the character creator is—it feels as though Capcom really has thought of everything for a huge range of customisable options. I don't usually try to make myself in these things since the limitations normally hold me back, but I reckon I have a pretty good shot at recreating my look in this game.

The character you create can be used in World Tour, Street Fighter 6's story mode. It looks as though you can go around and learn the movesets from the regular character roster. I do wonder if you can mix and match moves from different characters, especially since your OC seems to loudly shout every move as they're performing it. You can fit your character out with a whole wardrobe of goodies, each with different attributes that seem to affect things like the strength of punches and kicks, HP and defence. Custom fighters are also used in the Battle Hub, an online social lobby decked out with cabs of old Street Fighters.

It feels like Capcom is really taking Street Fighter 6 to the next level. Especially when compared to how Street Fighter 5 launched, I get the feeling that this entry isn't afraid to let loose and have fun and I'm all here for it. I didn't care much for its initial launch trailer, but every subsequent trailer and presentation have smashed it out of the park. Wes was also impressed when he played a demo back in June.

There's a closed beta test happening for Street Fighter 6 from October 7 through October 10, which you can apply for via the Street Fighter website.

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