Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is coming next year, collecting all 40 characters

A third edition of Street Fighter 5 is due out next year—judging by its predecessor it might not be the last. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition collects almost everything that's been released for the fighter so far, but there's more coming to the game before its launch. 

Gill, the multi-coloured Machiavelli, is the latest fighter to be added to Street Fighter 5's roster. You might remember him, or at least his incredible hair, from Street Fighter 3, or the final moments of the 'A Shadow Falls' story mode, where it was revealed that he was pulling strings behind the scenes. 

He'll be part of the Champion Edition, but you'll be able to play earlier by grabbing him for £4.99/$5.99 in December. You can see him and his elemental powers in action in the trailer below. 

This month, you'll be able to purchase some festive DLC that gives you a new stage and Christmas costumes for G, Lucia and Poison. Between November 22 and December 20, you'll also get a shot at unlocking a new Monster Hunter-themed costume for Blanka. 

A balance update is coming next month, too, and all characters are getting new V-Skills. These will be free, along with any game mode additions or balance updates that come with the Champion Edition.

Everything released for the original and Arcade versions will be available in the Champion Edition, along with every character, stage and costume that's been released since. The exceptions are the Fighting Chance and brand collaboration costumes, as well as the Capcom Pro Tour DLC. So you'll get 40 characters, 34 stages and more than 200 costumes. 

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is due out on February 14 for £25/$25, which is significantly less than the current price of the Arcade Edition. Street Fighter 5 hasn't really resonated with fans in the same way as its predecessor, so if you're on the fence, you can also take it for a spin for free this week on Steam

Fraser Brown
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