Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is bringing back Seth

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, which collects almost everything Capcom has released so far, including hundreds of costumes and around 40 characters, is also adding some returning fighters to the roster. Street Fighter 3's Gill was revealed when the new edition was announced, and at the Capcom Cup another old boss was unveiled: Street Fighter 4's Seth. 

Seth's a genetically engineered villain with muscles in places I never even knew existed and looks more than a bit like Dr. Manhattan on steroids. He was created using fighting data from the world's best fighters, so his shtick is that he can copy the special movies from other fighters. 

While his pronouns are he/him, Seth doesn't have a gender, and one of the changes in the new version is his ability to switch from a male to a female appearance. It doesn't look like Seth can swap mid-battle, however, but he gets both male and female costumes. 

Seth will be available along with the Champion Edition on February 14. 

The Capcom Cup itself was an exciting one. The USA grand finals saw Punk, the number one seed, take on iDom, the 23rd seed. To win, Punk just needed three victories, compared to iDom's six, and after winning the first two it seemed like it was going to be settled quickly. But then iDom came back for his third game and turned the tables on the favourite. And then he did it two more times, resetting the bracket. In the second set of matches, Punk managed another victory, but the rest went to the seemingly unstoppable iDom, this year's Capcom Cup champion. 

Fraser Brown
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