Strafe launch trailer shows the gibs-soaked rogue-like retro FPS in action

Whether Strafe turns out to be good or not, at least we'll have the trailers. This latest one celebrate's the game's imminent launch – May 9 to be exact – and it shares the thick '90s aesthetic that the original trailer did. Only this one hints at a feature that we (or I) didn't know about previously.

That feature is "secrets", and while secrets are a given in a rogue-like, the secrets in Strafe look really cool – if I'm interpreting the trailer correctly. Towards the end you'll see a monochrome rendition of Wolfenstein 3D and also a glimpse at a sparse polygonal forest. Are these the "secrets" promised, ala Super Meat Boy's tribute levels? I bloody well hope so.

Here's the trailer, and here are some early impressions I had a few months back.

Shaun Prescott

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