Steam updates your AMD drivers automatically

Your Steam client updated today with an important new feature. Valve's digital distribution platform now handles the drivers for AMD graphics cards automatically. We're one step closer to PCs that grow new parts and enslave people with brain-jacks.

Ben Bar-Haim, corporate vice president of software for AMD, had this to say:

“Steam represents an evolution for PC and online gaming, and the availability of ATI Catalyst graphics driver updates directly on the Steam platform can help further enhance the PC gaming experience for users of ATI Radeon products. AMD Gaming Evolved and Valve share the belief that 'Gamers Come First' – we now have the opportunity to work together to help ensure the best possible experience for PC gamers.”

But how does it work? Well, if your PC is a dirty nVidia beast like my work PC, you'll have a new menu option in steam that'll take you to their driver page . If you've got an AMD card like Craig's PC does, it'll download the update and give you the option of installing it - then the scary catalyst thing comes up and does horrible things to your resolution and then goes away. Graphics drivers updated!

I'm impressed with the speed of it. Has anyone had any problems with it yet?