Steam Controller is on sale for $35 and Steam Link for $15, or get both for $45

If you haven't blown all your money on games during Steam's Halloween Sale, you can grab some hardware at a discount, too. Both the Steam Controller and Steam Link are marked down, to $35 and $15, respectively.

Each one normally sells for $50, so if you want, you can buy both for the cost of one. Otherwise, the price of the Steam Controller amounts to a 30 percent discount, while the Steam Link is marked down 70 percent.

We still think the PlayStation DualShock 4 is the best controller for PC gaming, and we like Microsoft's controllers as well. But for games that don't support controllers, the Steam Controller is a serviceable option, especially at $35. We also put together a guide on how to make the most out of the Steam Controller, so check that out if you pick one up.

Likewise, the Steam Link is worth checking out at $15. It could change the way you play PC games

You can find the discounted Steam Controller and Steam Link at a few different places, though your mileage may vary if shopping at Amazon—yesterday it was temporarily discounted before the listing showing a third-party seller asking nearly $60 for it.

In any event, here are some direct links for the Steam Controller:

And here are links for the Steam Link:

If you plan on buying both, note that Steam is offering a bundle deal, priced at $45. Just hit either of the Steam links above and scroll down.

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