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State of Decay will shamble out of Early Access next week

It's expected that Early Access games will start out missing a few limbs, unnaturally shuffling forward in a slow daze. If they go well, though, they're more analogous to Frankenstein's monster: new features woven onto the main body to create something that the public will set upon with vigour. Hopefully that'll be the case with State of Decay, the open world zombie survival game. It's due to leave the safety of Steam's Early Access program on the 5th November.

"We're heading into the homestretch," writes Undead Labs' community manager Sanya Weathers. "Of course, we'll continue to make improvements, but we're just about ready to call State of Decay launched on Steam." Sanya goes on to link to a Steam forum thread , requesting users offer up their top-three highest priority fixes wanted for release.

The official release should see the previous controller-only requirement being dropped. A form of mouse and keyboard support is now in the game, and still being tweaked from the look of recent patch notes. You can see the other fixes and improvements made since the Early Access launch over at the Steam Announcements page .

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