Starfield is getting a 'deep dive' showcase, but not until after this month's Xbox/Bethesda livestream

Starfield space game
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Microsoft has confirmed that a Developer Direct livestream for Xbox and Bethesda will take place on January 25, giving fans a look at what's cooking in games including Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Redfall.

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that the crown jewel of Bethesda's upcoming games—Starfield—isn't in the list, which brings us to a classic good news/bad news situation. The bad news is that Starfield isn't in the list because it's not going to be there. The good news is that Microsoft and Bethesda are working on a standalone show for Starfield, "to dedicate the proper amount of time for a deep dive" into it.

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As much as I appreciate that they're going whole-hog on Starfield, just, you know, later, I'm still a little disappointed that we won't even get a teaser to remind us that yes, this thing is still happening and it's actually getting pretty close. And maybe we will—maybe this is simply smart expectations-management, and just before the curtain falls Todd Howard will throw us a bone to keep our attention properly focused. Anything is possible, and I dare to dream.

(In case you'd forgotten, Starfield doesn't yet have a release date, although we expect it to be out sometime in the first half of 2023, which we are now into. I'd say that makes the standalone show a good bet for a proper release date announcement.)

Anyway, here's what will be there:

  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Studio Director Matt Firor will unveil 2023’s major Chapter update, including the latest regions of Tamriel to become playable in ESO, as well as a major new feature coming in the game’s biggest update this year. The Developer_Direct will be immediately followed by the full, standalone ESO Chapter Reveal Event, hosted by Zenimax Online Studios, which will provide all the in-depth details ESO players will be keen to know. 
  • Forza Motorsport: The team at Turn 10 Studios have been hard at work, bringing fans the next generation of Forza Motorsport, built from the ground up to take advantage of Xbox Series X|S. Forza Motorsport is back, and we can’t wait to share more gameplay and exciting new details. 
  • Minecraft Legends: Mojang Studios will showcase an insider’s look into the PvP multiplayer experience in Minecraft Legends – the upcoming action-strategy game from the makers of Minecraft. Developed in partnership with Blackbird Interactive and launching this spring, don’t miss exclusive gameplay footage at the Developer_Direct. 
  • Redfall: The minds behind Dishonored and Prey, Arkane Austin, will showcase several minutes of gameplay from their upcoming FPS. The Developer_Direct will reveal single and multiplayer gameplay, showing more of how you and your friends will take down bloodthirsty Vampires on the picturesque island of Redfall, Massachusetts. Fans can expect to learn more about combat, customization, bosses, the open world, and more.

The Developer Direct livestream will begin at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET on January 25. More details on what to expect will be shared through Xbox and Bethesda social media channels leading up to the event.

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