Starfield modder adds dark mode to its terminal screens, which is also something a modder in 2330 would do

(Image credit: Bethedsa)

There's now a Starfield mod that puts the in-game terminals in "dark mode," with light text on a dark gray background, just like the many official and unofficial "dark modes" we use in browsers and other applications. 

I assume that people are still hacking unofficial dark modes into software in the year 2330, when Starfield takes place, which means it's reasonable to imagine that Dark Mode for Terminals creator Animandan could be a character in Starfield—hanging out in Neon, perhaps, making their next terminal plug-in on a dark screen.

Animandan says they've even made an effort to keep their terminal colors Web Content Accessibility Guidelines compliant. Assuming those haven't changed in 300 years, that makes the mod even more realistic.

The Dark Mode for Terminals installation instructions suggest using the Starfield install directory (specifically Starfield\Data\interface) rather than the Starfield directory in the Documents\My Games\Starfield folder, where mods can also be installed. You will need the .ini file in that directory that other mods require, though—see the instructions in our guide to the best Starfield mods for more on that. 

(If you have trouble with it, try these instructions, alternatively.)

Commenters on Nexus Mods are ecstatic about the low-brightness terminals, and I imagine if there were commenters in Starfield, posting in Terminal Mods, they'd be saying the same things.


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