Development on a Star Control reboot will begin this year

The nineties gave us flannel-on-ripped-denim fashion and classic film roles like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. Yep, it's a period most of us would rather forget—but if it's going to be revived at all, PC gaming supergiant dev Stardock has at least chosen a more favorable part of the era. Today it's announced that it's gained the rights to classic PC sci-fi franchise Star Control , with plans to begin development on a reboot this fall.

“We expect the new Star Control to come in the form of a reboot, similar to what Firaxis did with the XCOM series last year,” says president Brad Wardell on the Stardock website . "We are looking at Star Control 2 as a major source of inspiration.”

Stardock is the studio behind Sins of a Solar Empire , which is much-loved here. Given its history developing exclusively for PC, we're super hyped to see what Stardock does with the IP. I'm especially happy to hear that the reboot will take after SC2 primarily, as its adventure elements were especially enjoyable. Though there's no estimate on when it'll be ready for release, development on the reboot will definitely commence sometime this year.