Square Enix pushed for extra features in Sleeping Dogs PC port

The PC port of open-world crime-a-rama Sleeping Dogs packs some neat toys such as high-res textures and DX11 support, but that extra effort may not have happened before publisher Square Enix took control. A PA Report interview reveals Square Enix actually pushed for the inclusion of those features as well as the retention of in-house development for the port.

Among other things, Sleeping Dogs senior producer Jeff O'Connell talked about Square Enix's insistence on keeping development of the game's PC version squarely (ha) within developer United Front Games' hands, furnishing the studio with increased resources for sprucing up the port with additional features. Initially, original publisher Activision sought outsourced work for the PC version.

"Very early on in development, we wanted to create a PC-specific version," O'Connell said. "We always had that planned. When the game changed hands from Activision to Square Enix, Square was incredibly supportive of the PC version and actually wanted us to do more with it. It was at that point that we began to focus more resources on the PC version and it became what it is."

According to O'Connell, Square Enix was naturally floored by the results. "It was particularly rewarding for them, and they loved the results that they saw," O'Connell said. "If you play this on a multi-monitor setup or you play it in 3D, it really changes the game as well. Once we made the decision and got started and jumped in with both feet, the [PC version] came along really fast, and seeing how good the game looked and seeing it on multi-monitors and seeing it in 3D, it's really motivating for people to see that on the floor. It was busy near the end of our production and it's been a long game, so a lot of people seeing the PC version got excited again."

"The PC gaming audience can be very influential," he continued. "They're very vocal, and I think they respect and appreciate when effort is made. I think Square felt strongly enough when they saw where our PC version was at, and even showed the multiple-monitor 3D setup at some of the trade shows prior to the launch."

For the rest of the interview, head on over to PA Report .

Omri Petitte

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