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Squad-based WWI shooter Verdun to launch soon; new footage released

Squad-based WWI FPS Verdun will exit open beta soon as it prepares for a fully fledged release. As the name implies, Verdun is named after the battle fought between the French and Germans in 1916, but it's not the only battleground you'll visit: among the game's new additions include a whole new map inspired by the battle of Ypres.

Also introduced is a new GUI which reportedly makes the squad-based gameplay more manageable, as well as “distinctive” German and French voices and Steam Trade Card integration.

Verdun's concept is certainly interesting: collaborating studios M2H and Blackmill Games describe it as “true trench warfare”, with the game split between the tactical Frontlines mode and a more straightforward deathmatch option. France and Germany will each boast four distinct squads, with four seperate roles within these squads. Judging by the footage in the trailer below, you'll probably want to go for the former to make Verdun worthwhile.

One more update to the Early Access release is expected before the full product is launched some time this Summer, or Winter if you're in the southern hemisphere.

Check out the new Verdun trailer:

Shaun Prescott
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