Spider-Man 2's open world will be twice as big as the first games

Insomniac Games has let slip a new trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 where they detail new gameplay changes show off a greatly expanded map for the sequel. The new map is significantly larger, presumably to accommodate all the new powers and to make room for two Spider-heroes swinging about at once.

"We’re nearly doubling the size of Marvel’s New York. Expanding beyond the East River, you’ll swing and soar over iconic landmarks across Queens and Brooklyn – complete with story missions, side quests, and city activities," said Insomniac in a post on the PlayStation blog.

I am of course obligated to say here that PlayStation and Insomniac haven't said that Spider-Man 2 will come to PC, but since the first two did we're betting it'll show up sooner or later.

Spider-Man will let you switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales on the fly, and both characters will have their own separate side stories to undertake throughout the city in addition to the main story. That main story looks to star villains Kraven the Hunter and Venom, including letting Peter Parker don the black suit and use symbiote powers alongside new robotic Spider-Arms.

Miles Morales, meanwhile, will get bioelectric venom powers to unleash shocking and explosive attacks, as well as what Insomniac calls "Evolved venom abilities." There are also moves on display that make use of both heroes at once—like a notable one where a knocked back enemy gets taken out by a swing-kicking ally. Each character will have both their own side stories and side activities to undertake, but many activities will let you be either Spider-Man.

Also nice to hear is that Spider-Man 2 will be ray traced on PS5, per an IGN interview. That gives hope that it'll be welll supported (if and) when the game comes to PC. "Our performance mode for this title has ray tracing on by default. We've really expanded ray traced reflections throughout the game," said Insomniac's Mike Fitzgerald, "It's on the water and the oceans and really gives a more realistic picture everywhere."

Insomniac also says that the new Spider-Man will have 65 different Spider-Man costumes to wear. Those "include new original designs and fan favorites from films and comics." There'll also be a new Suit Styles feature, which unlocks alternate color shaders for some suits "which provide over 200 ways for you to outfit your Spider-hero."

The Digital Deluxe version of the game will also include 10 exclusive suits, which Insomniac detailed in a trailer.

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