Space Pirates and Zombies 2 hits Early Access soon

Richard Cobbett thought the original Space Pirates and Zombies was "the germ of a cool game", so perhaps that germ has, er, spread for its upcoming sequel? Space Pirates and Zombies 2 switches to Unity, and embraces 3D, and it's just been revealed that it's coming to Steam Early Access this month. How 'this month', exactly? May 19.

Developer MinMax Games reckons the game will be in Early Access for around 6-12 months, and says that the current build "already has an ocean of depth and content", including "200 persistent and unique AI captains". Most games can only manage around 98.

"The AI captains remember, make friends and enemies, join and leave factions and do just about everything the player can," MinMax helpfully explains on the Steam page. This is game is a biiiiiig one, in other words.

Tom Sykes

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