Sony's big PlayStation 5 event rescheduled for Thursday

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony postponed a planned PlayStation 5 online event last week out of respect for protests in the US and around the world against police violence and racism. Now we've got a new date: The company announced today that its look at "the future of gaming," at least as it will exist on PlayStation devices, will take place on June 11.

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The event will focused on the new PlayStation 5 console, but even though that falls outside our usual area of coverage, it's one we pay attention to for a couple of reasons. Sony events often feature information on at least one or two multiplatform games, for one thing, and it's also fun to compare new consoles to contemporary PC hardware, as we did last year when the PS5 was first revealed.

There are also persistent rumors that Resident Evil 8 will finally be made official at this event: AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem, a regular and reasonably reliable leaker who said in April that the next Resident Evil will first-person and lean heavily into themes of the occult, insanity, and trust, pointed out on Twitter last week that all the games in the series went on sale last week around the time that the PS5 event was originally slated to take place, and said that they are "99 percent sure" that Resident Evil 8 will be in the reveal event.

Sony didn't specify where the reveal event can be watched, but since it initially leaked through a Twitch ad, my guess is that you can probably pick it up there, or at YouTube if that's your preference.

Andy Chalk

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