Where to find a cooking pot in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest cooking pot location - a cooking pot sits over a fire on a wooden balcony overlooking a lake
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If you're after the Sons of the Forest cooking pot location, you're in the right place. You can find this new cooking accessory in various places across the island, and I'll point you toward two locations where I've successfully retrieved the item. That way, you can cook up something a little more tempting than yet more dried fish.

You'll need a reinforced fire to make use of the cooking pot, and you can set some traps to get the meat for recipes, though there are plenty of other "ingredients" you can throw in too. If you're struggling to find food on the cannibal-infested island, the food bunker will help you out, and offer a few of the items needed for use in the Sons of the Forest cooking pot. Here's how to get started.

Sons of the Forest cooking pot locations 

I've found two locations where you can find the cooking pot, and each is on opposite sides of the island, so you can choose whichever is easier for you to get to. It's also likely that you'll find cooking pots in other locations.

The first cooking pot location is on the western side of the island. It sits in the middle of an abandoned camp, to the east of the two rivers that run vertically down much of the west side of the island. The exact location is shown in the screenshot above. As the cooking pot is literally sat in the middle of the camp, out in the open, there are no requirements for getting it. 

The trickier of the two cooking pots is on the island's east side, to the right of the largest lake. It's inside the same bunker where you find the action cam, so you'll need to have the Guest keycard in order to access it. The entrance to the bunker is shown on the map above. Follow the linear corridor, use the keycard on the double doors, trigger the cutscene, and then head through the darkened rooms until you reach the stairs at the end. Follow those down, then take the first door on your right to find a fairly normal-looking room with furniture and a stove tucked away next to a microwave. The cooking pot is sitting on the stove. 

How to use the cooking pot 

The delicious dishes you can cook. (Image credit: Endnight Games)

Once you have a cooking pot, you'll need to fill it with water, so equip it like you would the water flask, and fill it at a lake or stream. Now you're ready to go, so return to your fire and interact with it by pressing E to open the portion of your bags where you would normally select the meat you want to cook. You'll see the cooking pot here, so click it to sit it on top of the fire. You can hover your mouse over the cog that appears to see the different (delicious) dishes you can cook and add the ingredients in the same way you'd normally add food to the fire.

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