Sonic Forces video shows a modern 2D Green Hill Zone

Sonic the Hedgehog, aka the 1990s video game mascot that just won't die, is getting two new games this year, one of those being Sonic Forces. It looks like it'll be decent too, judging by the above video and the fact that its format is pretty similar to 2011's actually-pretty-good Sonic Generations.

As you'll see if you watch that video, there's a lot of fairly traditional Sonic gameplay to be had in Forces, but kinda-on-rails 3D sections will feature too (gameplay from which you can see over here). There is no lack of high quality 2D platformers on PC, so hopefully Forces will do something to better them, other than wear that unaccountably durable Sonic brand.

Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania – the latter a more retro-looking 2D Sonic outing – are both scheduled to release this year.

Shaun Prescott

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