Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 PC pre-orders come with season pass included

I wouldn't normally advocate for pre-ordering videogames—I'm of the view waiting to ensure a game, you know, works or is any good is better than shelling out early—but it's nice to see instances where players serve to benefit from the process nevertheless. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is offering the tactical shooter's season pass at no additional cost to those prospective players willing to pre-order. 

Which, for the game's standard price of £39.99/$49.99, means you'll get two slices of single-player DLC—The Escape of Lydia, and The Sabotage—two multiplayer maps, an exclusive off-road vehicle, and two exclusive weapons by way of the McMillan TAC-338A Sniper Rifle, and the compound bow. Again, assuming you're willing to pre-order, you'll save yourself £30-worth of extras, so reads this Steam community update post

"We have a long-term investment in our community and believe that this season pass is a huge value to them," says Marek Tymiński, the CEO of CI Games. "The content within the season pass has variety to it, and we’re committed to provide support and additional content throughout 2017 for our largest game to date. 

"The major part of the edition will be the single player campaign 'The Sabotage'. This is one we’re quite proud of where players will follow the story of the separatists and experience everything from the other side of the conflict making the story more being in the grey zone than black and white."

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is due April 4, while its open beta is set to run this week. Here's its latest tactics-focused trailer that launched last week:

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