Sludge Life is a funky vandalism sim and free on the Epic Games Store

If you've got a lot of stuff bottled up and are looking for an outlet for your imminent explosion of artistic expression, look no further. Sludge Life is a freewheeling open-world romp that lets you wander around a grimy city tagging everything, and occasionally snapping tasteful photographs of a cat with two buttholes. 

Sludge Life just launched on the Epic Games Store for the very special price of absolutely nothing. Zilch. Zero. It's got a dedicated fart button and you don't have to dip into your bank account—if you're asking for more you really need more realistic expectations. But there's more anyway. 

You can undertake exotic activities that range from smoking cigarettes to playing basketball. Wild! And did I mention photographing weird cat butts? Well, you can photograph other things. Your own art, for instance, though that would be incredibly vain. There's also the promise of a huge baby. Terrifying. 

If that's still not enough, you can also stick it to the man. Your new island home is being strangled by corporations, and while you can ignore the plight of your fellow Sludgetopian (I have no idea if that's what they're called, but it's got a ring to it) and just focus on your career as an up and coming street artist, you can also help to bring the corps down. Heck yeah. 

It's only free for a limited time, but the good news is that the giveaway doesn't end for a year. 

Anyway, here's that cat with two buttholes. 

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)
Fraser Brown
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