Skelly Selest looks like Enter the Gungeon by way of Devil Daggers

I'd never heard of developer Caiysware until today, when I happened to catch their latest game, Skelly Selest, in the Steam new releases page. It's an 8-bit bullet hell roguelike about dismembering ghouls in the pits of Hell, specifically in such scenic locales as the Bone Plains, Flesh Gardens, and Soul Necropolis. You can get it on Steam for $3 (or $2.24 if you buy before May 8), which looks like a bargain for the amount of game on offer. 

Apart from a standard dungeon-crawl mode where you unlock upgrades for your character and new characters to upgrade, there's also "a pit arena survive-athon where you battle endless meanies, a gloomy dank dungeon crawl open to all beasties and bosses, and even a strategic collectable card game inspired by Final Fantasy 8's Triple Triad." These are all things I wouldn't expect from a $3 game, let alone one that looks so sharp.

Caiysware's other games are pretty interesting, too, like psychedelic platformer Straima and equally colorful dungeon-crawling shmup Straimium Immortaly. Then there's Ilamentia, a surreal first-person puzzle platformer. It's all weird as hell, but I'm pickin' up what this studio is puttin' down. I reckon I'll start with Skelly Selest since it's fresh out of the oven. Speaking of which, here are some more screenshots:  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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