Sir, You Are Being Hunted October update adds new biome, two new enemies

Sir, You Are Being Hunted continues to squash bugs and add scares as it makes its way through Steam Early Access and toward its final release. The latest update, entitled “Pumpkin,” adds a new industrial biome, new functionality, and two suitably spooky enemy NPCs.

The industrial biome is a completely different environment from the usual rolling hills and foggy marshes. A central canal runs through the center of red brick buildings and crumbling factories, and players will have to figure out how to hide without any natural vegetation to camouflage them. Electricity pylons, mills, and cranes are appropriately creepy looking and loom menacingly in the industrial smog.

The two enemy NPCs are aptly named Scarecrow and Bog Monster. Developer Jim Rossignol deviously declined to explain how exactly these two new NPCs will lead to your immediate and grisly murder, but it's a fair assumption that they will. My suggestion for dealing with these things is to wet yourself and run, but that's pretty much been my strategy for everything in this game.

Sir is currently available on Steam Early Access with an official release to follow later this year. You can read the full update notes on its Steam page.